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  • PixEdit has innovative Batch Processing facilities to maximize production in busy scanning environments. DocServer is our highly powerful Image Processing and Document Batch Processing module enabling you to simultaneously monitor and process a large number of network folders that are continuously being filled with documents from your companies' fleet of multi-functional devices or other types of document producing equipment. This includes emails with attachments, Word, Power Point Presentations and Mail Room Scanning.
  • PixEdit's After Scanning intuitively processes OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Deskew, Crop, Punch Hole RemovalBlack Border Removal, Blank Page Removal, Barcode Separation, Document Editing, Figure Insertion, Redaction and much more!
  • The Forms Processing module automatically extracts index data from scanned images. PixEdit can index thousands of pages with minimal labor cost.PixEdit is highly Productive Intelligent Innovative Intuitive Document Scanning Software 
  • The Redaction tool in PixView® gives you a secure redaction (or erasure) of both digitally generated and scanned documents. Both the underlying, hidden OCR-text and the graphical representation of the redacted words are permanently removed. Hence, after saving the document, it will be impossible to recover any of the redacted text.
  • If you receive raster documents from others, you can be sure to read them in PixView. Free viewers, for example Windows Imaging, do not read all combinations of multipage documents that contain both black/white and JPG compressed color pages.

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" Techsoft delivers the applications you need to convert paper to electronic documents. Our solutions efficiently capture and store huge amounts of data fast and in a user-friendly way. And - of great importance - the data is stored in such a way that information can be searched for and retrieved efficiently. Everything becomes available in the digital archive of your company or organization."


  • PixEdit is a leading document capture software and large format scanning softwarefor document management systems. The PixEdit functionality is especially well suited for mail scanning environments, electronic archives, document scanning service bureaus and the engineering industry.
  • PixEdit is an all-in-one solution for production document scanningediting scanned documents and drawingsdocument compositionOCRfile conversion and batch processing of all types of scanned or digitally born material.
  • PixView is a sophisticated software program for multilayered raster viewing, scanning and printing documents stored in raster format. PixView fits into almost any document management installation because of its automatic file format detector.
  • PixView handles everything from A4 office documents to maps that are several square meters. Multilayered and multipage documents are easlily handled very quickly. Scanned documents can be compared to see differences and similarities.