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Opus Pro

    • Powerful All-in-One Visual Development Software
    • Powerful eLearning Can Be Easy Too
    • More Visual, Less Basic Development Tool
    • Branching Made Easy
    • SCORM is Simple
    • QuickBuild Means Less Effort
    • Instant Preview and Test
    • Examples and Case Studies
    • Drawing Tools and Special Effects
    • Animation for Everyone
    • Versatile Master Pages
    • Getting it out there

    Opus Creator

    • Get Started Quickly
    • Versatile Master Pages
    • Animation Made Easy
    • Drawing Tools and Special Effects
    • Programs without Programming
    • Work with Other Files
    • Preview and Test as You Go
    • Examples and Case Studies

Opus Pro v8 & Opus Creator v8



"Designed to do what you need to do - elearning solutions not just elearning software"


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  • Opus Pro is a visual development tool for Windows providing fast-track design of versatile elearning, interactive applications, stylish database front ends, online games and multimedia with or without programming.

    Publish and distribute to Flash, SCORM and Moodle as well as .EXE, CD-Rom and DVD-video for pleasure promotion or profit.

    Opus Pro offers a wider range of functionality than any comparable package. No add-ons or extra programs required - everything you need in one program.

    Design and develop everything from simple interactive presentations and quizzes to complex simulations, commercial programs and database applications with or without programming.

    Yet it's easier too. Templates and wizards will get you started quickly but are completely flexible - you can add, delete or redesign elements and can even have more than one question on a page.

    QuickBuild™ automates common tasks and we've worked with our customers to automate the things they need to ensure real-world benefits.

    Opus Pro is not just limited to elearning it can create commercial applications, games and database interfaces just like a programming language but let's you design the program and only do the programming you need.

  • Opus Creator makes it easy to create interactive multimedia, educational resources, flexible Flash, games, quizzes, presentations, animations and other multimedia with no special skills or programming. Now with tween animation and YouTube support! 

    Runs under Windows - output to Flash, CD, EXE, Android phone (requires Flash), video, DVD or Plexus and distribute freely for pleasure or profit - no royalties.

    Opus Creator offers quick and easy design and development of Flash, presentations and interactive multimedia and is the easy, cost-effective introduction to commercial multimedia authoring or simply fun for the hobbyist photographer, illustrator or writer.  Ideal for creative individuals looking to expand their repertoire into interactive publications and new media without a steep learning curve, whether they are graphic artists, teachers, business people, web designers, musicians, photographers, students, multimedia entrepreneurs or creative writers.

    Particularly popular in schools because it is quicker and easier to learn and can be used to cover more units and therefore saves the time and money of using several different products.

    The only limit is your imagination.